Startup Engineering Class – Week 3

by mpypeters

So I have just finished watching and reading the lectures, this weeks material was a lot more interesting and engaging. This was mainly because the lectures moved on to show how the work can be done in a Linux environment. As I have only a little experience working with Linux, I found the material to be extremely helpful in teaching basic commands such as:

mkdir <foldername>   = to make a new directory
touch <filename>       = to make a new file
ls -alrth                     = lists all files info in directory with permissions etc.
Also how to installing files and also edit files through the ‘nano’ command, before making them into executable in the command line via chmod.

However I still found the homework assignment this week a bit useless, don’t get me wrong it was better than week one. (As the first homework only checked that accounts where setup.)  The second homework assignment didn’t involve any coding, instead it required the user to read a java script file and answer questions relating to the files code. (Most of which could have been answered without watching the lectures.)

I can only hope that the work next week will start to look more at making our own code and hosting it on a virtual server. Fingers crossed.  😛